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Sine Wave Controller Wide Application Prospects Sep 12, 2017

Sine Wave Controller Wide application prospects

Sine wave controller is a class of electric vehicle industry is currently widely used in the controller, since the Darmstadt Institute of Technology K. Hasse and Siemens F. Blaschke in 1968 and early 1970s put forward the concept of vector control The Hasse proposed an indirect vector control, Blaschke proposed a direct vector control. Leonhard further of the Braunschweig University of Technology has further developed magnetic field guidance control. Since the 1980s, with the extensive application of modern analytical techniques and test methods, the study of sine wave space vector control technology and performance has been deepened. Sine wave vector control in the electric vehicle and home appliances, air conditioning and many other fields have broad application prospects. Domestic sine wave space vector algorithm is the most widely used air-conditioning brushless DC motor controller and electric vehicle motor controller. At present, the international vector control algorithm has been widely used in siemens, AB, GE, Fuji and other international companies in the inverter, drive. The reason is actually simple, the power consumption of the electric vehicle controller is directly related to the controller algorithm strategy. Of the sine wave controller used by the vector FOC control algorithm, can effectively reduce the motor heat, which can save a part of the energy for battery life. If some users are very concerned about life mileage, and the maximum speed of riding is not tangled, it is recommended that customers can set the following:

Turn off the field weakening function, or set the weak magnetic current as small as possible. Software in the algorithm design, when the closed magnetic field when the unit current output of the largest, the highest efficiency, this time the most power. For example, an ordinary 60V 3000W high-power electric motorcycle, do not open the weak speed of about 55 yards, open the weak after the fastest up to 65 yards, but the power consumption increased by about 10A. And not open the weak magnetic mileage can be extended more than 10 kilometers, very impressive. Cheyou may be in the pursuit of speed at the same time may have forgotten a little: in the city to open electricity Morocco, how can we provide the road to the electric motor has been the highest speed to any gallop? Most of the time, electric motorcycles on the road when driving is based on traffic flow road conditions will soon be slow for a while.