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Sine Wave Controller Play To Control Its Efficiency Aug 23, 2017

Sine Wave Controller Play to control its efficiency

Do the routine maintenance of the controller not only can reduce the controller failure, take preventive measures, but also to maximize the control of its efficiency and extend the life of the controller. Maintenance of the controller, should pay attention to the following points.

 1. Usually have to check the connector of the plug, the lines and connectors, exposed connectors are loose, whether there is corrosion, bad contact or fall off, broken and so on. In case of abnormal circumstances, should be timely repair and maintenance. 2. Check the wiring, connectors and exposed connectors are fixed, with or without friction. The exposed part of the line is fixed or the position change will cause the connector to break or the wire wear is broken. In this case, it must be re-fixed and so that they do not swing or rub on the ride frequently, causing a new loose dislocation, poor contact or broken wire, so that the controller can not work or can not work.

  3. The shell of the controller in the hot or cold environment will produce thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon, coupled with a long time in the rock and roll, it is prone to deformation or cracks, leading to dust intrusion or rain infiltration, the controller failure The To this end, should regularly check the controller shell with or without scorching, deformation or cracks and fixed loose, once the abnormalities should be done in a timely manner to ensure that the shell tightly sealed.

   4. When the controller is found in the water, the controller should be removed from the electric car, and then open the controller box cover, the water into the net, drip dry, and then placed in a well ventilated place to dry or Bake at low temperature to dry it. If the water is more or water a long time, you should tear out the circuit board to clean the water, and then dry in a cool and ventilated place to dry, avoid sun exposure, as will be the circuit board deformation, Broken or component soldering feet loose. When the controller after the water, if a long time untreated, that is, power work or dehumidification drying, easily lead to circuit short circuit, burn the components, so that the entire circuit board scrapped. Therefore, encountered rainwater days to prevent the controller from seepage, and diligent inspection.