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Sine Wave Controller Mainly Used In Oct 25, 2017

Sine Wave Controller Mainly used in

What is the difference between a brushless and a brushless electric vehicle controller?

Electric car controller is divided into brush and brushless two, if not professional to do this, may not know what is the brushless electric car controller, what is a brush electric car controller bar. What is the difference between the two? Here we come together to understand the next bar

First, because the need to use what kind of controller by the motor to decide, so first of all we have to understand the brush motor and brushless motor.

1, brush motor: the use of carbon brush and commutator for the work of the motor

2, brushless motor: the use of built-in magnetic sensor to detect the motor to the location, and then enter the different direction of the current for electronic commutation, is a more special DC motor

Second, the advantages of brushless motor:

Brush motor brush and commutator between the friction, it is easy to wear, but the brushless motor does not exist this situation, there is no friction between the sensor and the magnet, it can not have wear, so no Brush motor more durable, and now use a wide range, by the people love.

Third, there is brush and brushless electric car controller between the difference

Brushless electric vehicle controller is through electronic commutation so its working mode is much more complicated than the operating mode of the brush electric vehicle controller, the circuit is no need to say certainly more complicated, in general, brushless electric vehicle control The production cost and manufacturing process is far higher than the brush electric car controller.

Four, brushless electric car controller and brush can be common? How to distinguish?

The two must not be common, the control principle is not the same. Distinguish between the time we can see the motor is brushless or brush, specifically to see the motor into a few lines, two of the brush, eight lines must be brushless motor. Electric car controller is one of the main products of Xuzhou Koya Electromechanical Co., Ltd., which is the core control device used to control the start, operation, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic devices of electric vehicle. On the core components.

Electric car controller widely used, mainly used in electric bicycles, electric two motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric three motorcycles, electric four-wheelers, battery cars and other electric vehicles, with ultra-quiet design technology, constant current control technology, Motor lock system, self-test function, anti-charging function, stall protection function, dynamic and static phase protection, power tube dynamic protection, anti-speed function, 1 + 1 power function, mode switching function, burglar alarm function, Remote control, high-speed control and other functional features to ensure the safety of electric vehicles to extend the life of the motor