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Sine Wave Controller Frequency Component Jun 27, 2017

Sine Wave Controller Frequency component

The sine wave of the motor sine wave is the most single signal of the frequency component, because the waveform of this signal is math On the sine curve derived name. Any complex signal - such as music signals, can be seen as a lot of different frequency, different sizes of sine wave composite. 70s of last century Siemens engineer F. Blaschke first proposed asynchronous motor vector control theory to solve the AC motor Torque control problem.

The basic principle of vector control is to measure and control the asynchronous motor stator current vector, according to the principle of magnetic field orientation of the asynchronous motor excitation current and torque current control, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the asynchronous motor torque. Specifically, the stator current vector of the asynchronous motor is decomposed into a current component (field current) generating a magnetic field and a current component generating torque (torque current) Are controlled separately, and the amplitude and phase between the two components are controlled at the same time, that is, the stator current vector is controlled. Therefore, this control method is called vector control mode (sine wave control mode). simply put,

Vector control is the flux linkage and torque decoupling, is conducive to the design of both the regulator, in order to achieve the AC motor high-performance speed. Vector control methods are based on slip frequency control vector control, speed sensorless vector control and speed sensor vector control mode. This can be a three-phase asynchronous motor equivalent to DC motor to control, and thus get the same with the DC speed control system, static and dynamic performance. FOC Sine wave control algorithm has been widely used in siemens, AB, GE, Fuji and other international companies on the inverter, the internationally renowned brands of electric vehicles, electric motorcycles above. The universal frequency converter with vector control can not only match the DC motor in the speed range, but also control the torque generated by the asynchronous motor. Since the sine wave control mode is based on the parameters of the accurately controlled asynchronous motor, some general-purpose frequency converters need to accurately input the parameters of the asynchronous motor when used, and some general-purpose frequency converters need to use the speed sensor and the encoder. In view of the motor parameters may change, will affect the inverter on the motor control performance, the current new vector control universal inverter already has asynchronous motor parameters automatically detect, automatic identification, adaptive function, with this function of the general inverter The parameters of the induction motor can be automatically identified before the normal operation of the asynchronous motor can be carried out, and the relevant parameters in the control algorithm can be adjusted according to the identification result, so that the conventional asynchronous motor can be effectively controlled.