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Sine Wave Controller Control Method Sep 25, 2017

Sine Wave Controller Control Method

The controller is divided into sine wave and square wave two, under normal circumstances, the sine wave controller heat relative to the square wave controller is much higher, but the noise improvement is many, mainly sine wave controller because the control method is different from the square wave control , The efficiency is higher than that of the square wave controller, and the noise is low and the torque is large. The mileage is increased by 15% (under the same conditions) compared with the square wave controller, and the motor field direction control technology. The controller is capable of superior start-up torque and provides strict battery current limiting, so it is capable of operating at relatively small battery current conditions while providing superior acceleration and climbing capability. While the regenerative brake control in the brake when the energy recovery, effectively extending the mileage, reduce energy consumption. The controller uses high-power MOSFET high-frequency design, the efficiency of up to 99 percent. Powerful microprocessors provide complete and precise control of the controller.

First, the main function:

1, fault detection and protection. The LED flash code can be used to identify the fault.

2, the battery voltage real-time monitoring. The battery voltage is too high or too low will stop working.

3, built-in current detection and overcurrent protection.

4, the controller with temperature measurement and protection. At high temperatures, current cuts will be made to protect the controller and the battery. If the controller temperature is higher than 90 ℃, the current will drop sharply, reaching 100 ℃ will automatically cut off the output.

5, in the power generation, the voltage will always be in the state of the controller monitoring. If the voltage is found to be too high, the controller will immediately cut the current until the power is stopped.

6, can be connected to the computer through the serial port to configure the parameters of the controller.

7, 3 switch inputs are high level brake input, low level brake input and two speed switching input.

8, 1 0-5V analog input, that is, turn the analog signal input.

9, can be configured energy-saving mode. As a power saving mode, the battery current can be selected as a large current for a half current mode.

10, can be configured burglar alarm function. In the alarm state, shake the body or forced to drive the wheel, the system into the alarm state, the motor will be electric brake.

11, enhanced power generation brake function. The original ABS brake technology makes your brakes more powerful and smooth.

12, 3-phase Hall position sensor input, open collector output, the controller provides pull-up resistor, 5V supply.