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Sine Wave Controller Common Problem Nov 06, 2017

Sine Wave Controller common problem

Sine wave controller with a long time will inevitably be some problems, here are listed some common problems and solutions to facilitate the investigation to improve efficiency, so that consumers in the controller problems can do some simple troubleshooting.

1, add the switch can sometimes turn, sometimes to help the motor to turn?

Check the next phase wiring is good, still can not solve the problem controller is damaged, need to be replaced. 2, start the noise is why?

This problem may be for several reasons: 1. The motor itself is noisy, the motor due to design or overheating, use for a long time may cause noise when starting, the solution: replace the motor. 2 controller and motor matching problems, the controller software is not perfect, compatibility is not strong. Solution: replace the high standard controller. 3. The motor starts to resonate with the e-bike after it has been started to a certain speed. Solution: Use other e-bikes or controllers specially for such vehicles (the effect may not be obvious).

3, the ride transfer did not reset, the brake why not work? There are several possibilities for this problem. 1. Brake failure, the brake does not brake the brake signal to the controller, this phenomenon may be due to poor brake switch contacts, or the line is disconnected. Brake line can be unplugged from the controller, pinch the brake case with digital multimeter measuring diode test brake two lines are short-circuited, normal should be short-circuited, otherwise the brake is damaged, the solution: replace the brake Or connect the disconnected line. If the brake is normal, then check the brake level is consistent with the controller, the controller is high brake, then one of the brake line should be connected to the positive power supply, if the controller is low brake

One of the brake cables should be connected to the negative power supply. Solve the problem: According to the correct requirements of the brake line pick up. 2. The controller internal brake input circuit is bad, in this case the brake signal can not be transmitted to the controller, it can not generate the brake function, so that the controller does not reset the case continue to drive the motor forward, showing that the brake is not The phenomenon of work.

4, the electronic brake is not the greater the greater the better?

No, the greater the intensity, the higher the reverse charge voltage will increase the possibility of damage to the controller. 5, why can each time you start to hear the car has a "hum" sound?

After the motor starts to a certain speed, it will resonate with the car as a whole. The sizes of the different models of the car are different, which are not caused by the improper control of the motor.

Electric vehicle controller is one of the four major electric vehicles is the electric car's "brain" to control the electric car motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop, electric car if the controller is in trouble . So the controller's "health" is very important! Usually ride to cherish, in order to make it better for you!

Now some companies are also conducting research and development of electric vehicle fault detection equipment, the effect is better Ocean Science and Technology launched the "tram doctors", but as a master electric car repair, or should master the diagnosis and repair technology, and the following electric car industry Friends to explore, the common controller fault diagnosis and repair skills: