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Refit Electric Car, Hiding Behind The Secret Jul 18, 2016

Modified electric market like a huge of cash cow, basically market above engaged in electric industry of dealer more or less will has this a of business; even currently this a check of compared strict, also is has many people willing to engaged in electric modified; ultimately, also is because this items business brings of profit very rich, some when, modified a car electric by brings of profit far over sold a car electric of profit; why modified car market so hot does? First to see what kind of people why do you like converted electric cars; electric car phone list in summary, are summarized in the following three categories like electric car conversion:

A: students, mostly high school and college students; many of them is day electric car to and from school. After class may go to other place, very late getting home from regular activities, public transport is obviously no way to meet them; and was a student of them, unable to buy other vehicles can try every means to convince parents support.

B: express delivery and deliveries class practitioners; obviously, this category of worker needs electric cars can load, and power, run far, while General Electric is difficult to meet, no way but to refit.

C: speed-lovers; this type of person likes the pursuit of speed, motorcycles are not the way, electric car runs slowly, only later converted to electric vehicle speed to reach their ideal State;