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Motorcycle Accessories Shop Online Shopping Injured Not Light Jul 18, 2016

With the arrival of summer, ride electric cars, motorcycles are more and more people, at this time in previous years, motorcycle, electric vehicle accessories shops entering the season, accessories shops do not heat up this year. Reporters understand, motorcycles, electric car parts store online shopping is no small impact.

The afternoon of May 4, reporters into a motorcycle, electric vehicle parts in Dong Guan, qinzhou district, shop, no customers in the shop, the huge stores is very quiet. When asked: "How's business? "Shopkeepers said business year after year, one-month sales this year than last week's. "Many customers came to the store to look at the price now understand brands, and then go back online. I read on the Internet the same helmet, gloves, knee pads, and other parts prices are cheaper than in stores, some even lower than the purchase price. ”

"A physical store to buy a helmet, worn lips also get more than 100 Yuan, and as long as more than 60 Yuan on the Internet will be able to buy exactly the same quality. "Liu Jianli of qinzhou district two days ago fresh from the bought an electric car helmet, she felt much more than physical stores deal.