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Hub Motor The Advantages Of Wheel Motor Jun 27, 2017

Hub Motor The advantages of wheel motor

The advantages of wheel motor

Omit a large number of transmission parts, so that the vehicle structure is more simple

For conventional vehicles, the clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, differential and even splitter are essential, and these components are not only light weight, so that the structure of the vehicle is more complex, but also the need for regular maintenance and Failure rate problem. But the wheel motor is a good solution to this problem. In addition to the structure is more simple, the use of wheel motor-driven vehicles can get better space utilization, while the transmission efficiency should be much higher.

Can achieve a variety of complex drive mode

Because the wheel motor has a single wheel independent drive characteristics, so whether it is a precursor, rear drive or four-wheel drive form, it can be more easily achieved, full-time four-wheel drive in the wheel motor drive to achieve very easy. At the same time the wheel motor can be around the wheel at different speeds or even reverse to achieve similar to the crawler-type vehicle differential steering, greatly reducing the turning radius of the vehicle, in exceptional circumstances can be almost in situ turn (but at this time on the vehicle steering mechanism and Tire wear larger), for the special vehicle is valuable.

Easy to use a variety of new energy vehicle technology

Many new energy models are used electric drive, so the wheel motor drive also came a lot of use. Whether it is pure electric or fuel cell electric vehicles, or extended range of electric vehicles, wheel motors can be used as the main driving force; even for hybrid models, you can also use the wheel motor as a starting or rapid acceleration when the power can be described as More than one machine. At the same time, many of the new energy vehicles, such as brake energy recovery (ie, regenerative braking) can be easily achieved in the wheel motor drive models can be achieved. 

The shortcomings of the hub motor

Increased reed mass and wheel moment of inertia, the impact of vehicle control

For ordinary civilian vehicles, often with some relatively lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy to make hanging parts to reduce the quality of unsprung, to enhance the suspension of the response speed. But the wheel motor just a substantial increase in the quality of the reed, but also increased the wheel's inertia, which for the vehicle's handling performance is unfavorable. But taking into account the electric cars are mostly limited to maneuver rather than the pursuit of dynamic performance, which is not the biggest flaw.

Electric brake performance is limited, to maintain the operation of the brake system need to consume a lot of power

Now the traditional power of commercial vehicles have been equipped with a lot of use of the principle of eddy current braking (ie, resistance braking) auxiliary deceleration equipment, such as a lot of trucks used in the electric retarder. And because of the relationship between energy, electric vehicles with electric brake is also preferred, but for the wheel motor drive vehicles, wheel motor system because of the small braking capacity, can not meet the requirements of vehicle braking performance, need additional mechanical system But for the ordinary electric passenger cars, there is no traditional internal combustion engine driven vacuum pump, you need to provide electric vacuum pump brake power, but also means that there is a greater energy consumption, even if the regenerative braking can recover some energy, If you want to ensure the effectiveness of the braking system, the braking system consumes energy is also an important factor affecting the mileage of electric vehicles.

In addition, the wheel motor work environment is poor, facing water, dust and other aspects of the impact, there are also high requirements in the seal, while the design also need to consider the hub motor alone cooling problem.