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Explosive Material! Electric Car Battery Failure Causes Of Aging, There Are Five Things You Don't Know! Jul 18, 2016

Electric vehicle using the maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, battery damage are complex, roughly divided into the following 5 species:

1, the "charging" led battery damage

"Overcharge" first is the cause of charger. In battery discharge, the voltage will gradually decline, when once again when charging the battery, charger and the red light will be lit, when charging, when electricity continuously after you enter the battery voltage increases until close to or equal to the charger the green light will be lit when the charging voltage, at this point, the charging stops or trickle charge. If the charger voltage component failure, charging wouldn't stop, enter the battery charging current will be uninterrupted, the voltage will increase, result of voltage rise will increase the thermal reaction of electrolyte, ranging from battery case will be deformed (expanded), the battery is full blast.

2, "" lead to battery damage

"Lost" is the battery, when the voltage is too low to force excess discharge phenomenon of a damaged battery plate coating. Any vehicle the operating voltage of the appliance there is a standard, more than the appliances easy to short circuit and even burned down, below the range appliance won't start or work properly and even life. And battery capacity declined will led to battery voltage insufficient (owes pressure), voltage insufficient on cannot effective of meet car electrical basic of voltage supply, dang voltage declined Shi, user also in using electric, and battery and cannot provides normal of voltage, so on will for car electrical of load makes battery owes pressure appeared "lost electric", regular of "lost electric" on will makes battery plate lead layer gradually stripping, until plate bad loss.

3, starting, acceleration, high discharge current of the overload battery damage

Electric start, acceleration of the moment are very high, because of the instantaneous current is too large to make electrolytic reaction has increased dramatically, coating the plates will be affected to a certain extent, over time plate lead powder due to momentary high current to pull a gradual loss, electrolyte will be black (lead), the battery will be scrapped. Overload load overweight in electric cars, such as manned and excess cargo, overloading the battery discharge load increase, high current discharge for a long time, will directly affect the plate coating, speed up the softening process of the plates. There is the propagation of bad roads also make electric vehicle braking and starting. Such as potholes, traffic light, road blocks, and so on. The factors that have contributed to the high current discharge.

4, plate vulcanizing cause battery damage

Generated after due to discharge or discharge of lead sulfate is placed for a long time, lead sulfate particles dissolved in the electrolyte, saturated, the crystallization of lead sulfate on again when temperature is low, and in crystalline lead sulfate is precipitated. Precipitation particles once again and again due to change in temperature on growth, development, and increased grain. This poor conductivity of lead sulfate, a high resistance, and little solubility and dissolution rate, charge recovery difficult. Thus become the capacity and shorten the life of reason. Vulcanization is the main sticking point of the battery capacity is reduced, but the current damage battery plates are the crux of electric vehicle battery capacity decreases more.

5, the "loss" battery defect

"Water" is one of the basic causes of battery capacity is reduced. Electric car uses most of the maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, many users say the battery is sealed and maintenance-free, why there is "water"? Its truth is simple, water is participate in battery electrolytic reaction of important components, once battery appeared had charging, and big current discharge, and resistance increases, and short-circuit, Shi, easy produced heat and formed steam, steam in sealed of battery box within will most was retain, but also has very less part will loss (for battery shell material of density by decided), over time, battery on will appeared "loss" State.