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Electric Tricycle Controller The Main Function Of The Role Sep 25, 2017

Electric Tricycle Controller The main function of the role

Electric car controller is the head of the electric car, is the main function of the control of the electric car driving parts. The details of the main function of the electric controller are described in detail below.

The main function of the electric vehicle controller:

1, electric car controller can drive the electric operation and rotation.

2, electric vehicle controller can change the motor drive current, in order to achieve the motor speed conversion.

3, the battery voltage detection, such as electric vehicle voltage or current is too low, the electric car controller will be detected, and the data transmitted to the monitor.

4, electric vehicle controller can over-current protection, when the electric car flow is too large, will stop the motor, to avoid excessive current to the motor is too large damage.

In order to avoid the controller into the water, the controller will be placed in a aluminum, copper and other materials made of sealed box, the electric car controller to protect the role.

The functional characteristics of the electric tricycle controller

 Electric tricycle is the freight, travel, express the longest use of travel tools, because the electric tricycle models small, high environmental protection, waste of resources less, so often widely used. And electric tricycle controller has a very important role, then, electric tricycle controller what role?

Electric tricycle controller is the core of electric tricycle, can fully control the electric tricycle driving. The following is a look at the electric tricycle controller features and features.

1, start fast, start ultra-quiet and other advantages,

2, with anti-speed, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, peak current protection, the average current protection and other functions.

3, anti-speed function to solve the brushless controller due to turn the line caused by the phenomenon of speed, improve the security of the system.

4, short circuit protection function to prevent the three ends of the motor phase of any short-circuit or three-terminal short-circuit, and the controller will not burn.

5, undervoltage protection function makes the battery power is not enough time to inform the user to replace the battery.

6, the peak current protection can effectively protect the controller used in the process of generating instantaneous peak high current on the impact of MOS tube.

7, the average current protection in the motor when the effective protection of the motor and MOS tube.