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Electric Tricycle Controller Speed Up The Fault Oct 16, 2017

Electric Tricycle Controller Speed up the fault

Motor controllers for controlling the electric vehicle to start the motor running, forward and backward, speed, stop, and other electronic devices, the core of the electric vehicle control device, it is like the brain of electric vehicles, electric vehicles is an important member. For now, electric cars including electric bicycles, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric three-wheeled motorcycle, electric four-wheel vehicles, the controller also because different models have different properties and characteristics.

At the same power, the more tubes, the more robust performance, the lower the heat, but the low-power nine controller than a single tube if the power of a single tube of large, then the combination of 12 is good, which should Look at the quality of a single tube. The following is the electric vehicle controller wiring diagram and circuit diagram, and wiring method:

Cause 1: The controller is faulty. The controller power tube is punctured by the same flight failure.

Treatment: the controller switch to pull off the line, turn on the power or speed, the controller has occurred within the failure, need to replace the controller.

Reason 2: speed control to fault. The speed of the line pulled out, the car is not "speed", and this time there may be speed to the bad! Speed control is mostly with a "Hall" speed control, the original damage to the Hall may let your car stop!

Processing method: the first detected polarity lead controller, + 5V to turn to the red line, a negative line connected to the black transfer line, a signal line connected to the blue and blue, there are three electric car parking line , The reverse line is the switch line can be any access!

Cause 3: The circuit is connected with electricity. The controller speed line for the connector for contact, after the water is easy to turn the signal line and turn the positive connection, some controller without anti-speed protection is easy to dangerous! Cause a ride!

Treatment method: the best to remove the connector with a fixed insulation tape one by one, with two lines do not even reduce the risk of speed!

Reason 4: simple section with power function. Some of the chain flywheel rust caused continuous continuous turn, as long as the "foot" rotation help will play a role in power, if the "foot" automatically turn, the car will be forward "channeling."

Treatment: replace the flywheel, to prevent the power should not help and dangerous!

Reason 5: speed line and the controller switch to the negative line. Turn off the handle, if normal, indicating that the controller is normal, is the speed and its speed to the line fault! Some lines aging or bumps will cause the connector contact is not strong, if the negative line off the controller will appear "speed" phenomenon!