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Electric Tricycle Controller Several Factors That Determine The Price Of An Electric Tricycle Controller Aug 08, 2017

Electric Tricycle Controller Several factors that determine the price of an electric tricycle controller

Several factors that determine the price of an electric tricycle controller

Electric car controller, is the electric car's brain, control all the activities of electric vehicles. Therefore, we must choose high-quality controller, in order to extend the life of electric vehicles. So, how much is the controller is a good controller? Electric tricycle controller price is more to determine what?

First, the quality is the main factor in determining the price of the electric tricycle controller

The price of the electric three-wheeled controller ranges from tens of dollars to one or two hundred dollars. The general manufacturers of small manufacturers of relatively small, about 30 to 40 yuan. Regular manufacturers of the controller, quality assurance, good after-sales service, the price of about two hundred dollars.

Second, the number of controllers to determine the price of electric three-wheel controller

The controller is determined by the number of tubes, the controller tube number of 6 to 12, the more tube the better the controller, the higher the price will be.

Third, the electric three-wheel turbine controller power size determines the price of electric three-wheel controller

The higher the power of the controller, the more effort to start, the faster the speed. The higher the power, the higher the price. As the saying goes, a penny goods, we do not greedy small cheap, buy inferior products. Otherwise, very easy to cause "cerebral palsy." In the purchase of electric three-wheel controller when the time to shop around, according to their own electric car models to buy their own electric three-wheel controller, let it better for our services.

Note 1: to ensure that the power of the positive and negative must be connected correctly, to avoid damage to the controller.

Note 2: find the controller and switch to connect the connector.

If the controller on the plug and the handle on the contact is not matched, in order to emergency can remove the plug, the line directly connected between the line, then do not be afraid of trouble, be sure to catch the street. If the conditions permit, then the proposed soldering iron will be welded on the street firm, and then wrapped with insulating tape, to avoid the use of the future in the process of hidden dangers.

Note 3: pay attention to the controller and the motor connection between the positive and negative

1. Push the handle in the end, open the key, delay 6 seconds or so, release the brake turn it, you can!

Second, the operation repeated twice, or direct jitter, turn it in the end, switch key twice, delay 6 seconds or so, release the brakes turn it!

3. Push the brakes in the end, switch the key three times, release the brakes turn it!

4. Push the brakes in the end, open the key, delay 6 seconds, release the brake throttle, then add the door motor does not turn the key to turn off once again!

Five. Before opening the key can be brakes, or low speed,

6. Push the brakes in the end it, open the key, turn it back home plus two in the end to keep 6 seconds to release!