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Electric Tricycle Controller Judge The Way Good Or Bad May 24, 2017

   Electric Tricycle Controller Electric tricycle is the longest use of travel, travel, express travel tools, because the electric tricycle models small, high environmental protection, waste of resources less, so often widely used. And electric tricycle controller has a very important role, then, electric tricycle controller what role?

Electric tricycle controller is the core of electric tricycle, can fully control the electric tricycle driving. The following is to look at the electric tricycle controller features and features.

1, start fast, start ultra-quiet and other advantages,

2, with anti-speed, short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, peak current protection, the average current protection and other functions.

3, anti-speed function to solve the brushless controller due to turn the line caused by the phenomenon of speed, improve the security of the system.

4, short circuit protection function to prevent the three ends of the motor phase of any short-circuit or three-terminal short-circuit, and the controller will not burn.

5, undervoltage protection function makes the battery power is insufficient to promptly notify the user to replace the battery.

6, the peak current protection can effectively protect the controller used in the process of instantaneous peak high current on the impact of MOS tube.

7, the average current protection in the motor when the effective protection of the motor and MOS tube.

   Electric Tricycle Controller There are many ways to really judge the quality of the electric car controller, which depends on the height of the maintenance level, multimeter measurement is also OK, according to the vehicle phenomenon is also OK, the following I introduce a relatively simple way:

   Electric car controller is judged as follows:

1, electric car riding noise large load speed is slow, the car stopped after the car can not start, the implementation can start, which are generally caused by the lack of motor lines, that is, three motor phase line off one, the other is the controller Internal phase line circuit problems. Check the connection line no problem, then it is likely that the controller itself is faulty.

2, the electric car carts effort, and power can not start after the boot, the same need to check whether the motor phase short circuit together, or phase line high temperature together, including the power line and melt together, if not , Pull out the motor three phase lines, carts force phenomenon disappears, if still exist, then need to find the line or the motor itself.

3, the car can start normally, but soon after the speed of a stop, there may be insufficient power, or the maximum output voltage of the controller to protect the high speed, in addition to a situation is to check whether the line is bad, each Whether the wire leads to leakage, if there is wire melting case, but also need to check whether the wire has melted together, and secondly to determine whether the controller problem, the general electric vehicle controller problems will be accompanied by motor abnormal sound.