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Electric Tricycle Controller Dominate The Electric Action Aug 31, 2017

Electric Tricycle Controller Dominate the electric action

Electric tricycle controller prone to failure

Electric car low-carbon environmental protection, safe and convenient, cheap, more and more loved by everyone. And in order to make the electric car normal driving, it is necessary a good electric three-wheel controller. Electric tricycle controller is the electric car's brain, dominated by electric action. Once out of something wrong, electric cars will be unable to move. The electric tricycle controller agent tells you that the controller starts with several common faults that are difficult.

First, the controller caused by the power of the device

Electric three-wheel controller to remind you: "The power of the controller and the battery power to match." If the controller power is small, start will be very difficult, or even start up. Check the power device is installed loose, if the connection is good power machine itself is the problem.

Second, the controller internal power supply damage caused by short circuit

The controller can not work properly, constantly off, it is possible that the circuit is not connected. If not bad contact that is the device itself is damaged, to timely repair.

Third, the connection caused by the loss of grinding

Long-term use of electric vehicles, the controller cable is easy to wear or bad contact. To replace the wire, choose a good wire.

Electric tricycle controller agent warned everyone, although the controller is small, but fully equipped. We do not ignore any details, it is the central nerve of electric vehicles, to be cherished.

First, the quality is the main factor in determining the price of the electric tricycle controller

The price of the electric three-wheeled controller ranges from tens of dollars to one or two hundred dollars. The general manufacturers of small manufacturers of relatively small, about 30 to 40 yuan. Regular manufacturers of the controller, quality assurance, good after-sales service, the price of about two hundred dollars.

Second, the number of controllers to determine the price of electric three-wheel controller

The controller is determined by the number of tubes, the controller tube number of 6 to 12, the more tube the better the controller, the higher the price will be.