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Electric Tricycle Controller Complete The Control Process Nov 06, 2017

Electric Tricycle Controller Complete the control process

Motor vehicle controller in recent years, the rapid pace of development, it is unimaginable, the operation more and more "fool", and the display is more and more complicated. For example, the control of the vehicle speed has been developed to "cruise lock"; drive, and some have both electric performance and boost function, if converted to the power state, with the chain tension force gauge, or torque transducer shaft, Pedals, you can perform help or determine the size of boosters. Tell you about the controller, giving you a more complete picture of the controller.

First, the controller and protection functions

(A) controller profile

Roughly speaking, the controller is composed of peripheral devices and the main chip (or microcontroller). Peripheral devices are a number of functional devices, such as the implementation of sampling, etc. They are resistors, sensors, bridge switching circuits, and auxiliary microcontroller or ASIC to complete the control process of the device; microcontroller, also known as micro-controller, is an integrated chip A memory, a translator for converting a signal language, a sawtooth generator and a pulse width modulation functional circuit and enabling or disabling of the power tube of the switching circuit, controlling the motor speed by the on-time of the square wave control power tube The driver circuit, input and output ports are integrated together, while the composition of the computer chip. This is the intelligent controller for electric bicycles. It is a "fool" appearance of high-tech products.

The design quality and characteristics of the controller, the function of the microprocessor used, the layout of the power switching device circuit and the peripheral devices are directly related to the whole

The car's performance and operating conditions also affect the controller's own performance and efficiency. Different quality controller, used in the same car, equipped with the same group of the same charge and discharge state of the battery, sometimes in the continued ability to show a big difference.

(B) the protection of the controller

The protection function is the protection measures taken by the circuit according to the feedback signal when the inverter commutates the power tube, the power source is over-discharged, and the motor is in operation, the possible damage caused by some kind of malfunction or misoperation occurs, . The basic protection function and extended functions of electric bicycle are as follows:

1, the brake off Electric bicycle handlebars on the two clamp-shaped handle are equipped with contact switch. When braking, the switch is pushed closed or disconnected, and changed the original state of the switch. This change forms the signal transmission to the control circuit, the circuit sends the order according to the preset procedure, cuts off the base drive current immediately, causes the power to cut off, stops the power supply. Thus, both to protect the power tube itself, but also protect the motor, but also to prevent the waste of power.

2, undervoltage protection here refers to the power supply voltage. When the final stage of discharge, the load voltage, the power supply voltage is close to the "discharge termination voltage", the controller panel (or instrument display panel) shows the lack of electricity, causing the rider's attention and planning their own trip. When the power supply voltage has reached the end, the voltage sampling resistor will be shunt information fed to the comparator, the protection circuit that is issued according to pre-programmed instructions to cut off the current to protect the electronics and power supply.