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Electric Fire After Another, How The Truth? Jul 18, 2016

Common electric fires, spontaneous events, society had a bias on electric vehicles, think electric vehicles not safe, really the truth? Based on electric accessories of the fire, the cause of the fire, solutions in three areas, detailed description of electric ignition issues. Lock-battery, charger, vehicle wiring, batteries and other accessories are major parts of the electric fire, during the process of with electric cars, correct operation and proper maintenance.

Electric fire after another, how the truth?

Power locks on fire, because of the frequent open close power locks, power locks are slightly conductive material between the two contact points, after closing the power lock, contacts between the two above 50V voltage electric material conduction current (form of ionizing sparks), temperature, high temperature and further charring the insulation between contacts.

Fire conditions:

1. close electric cars burst into flames.

2. open the electric power, power lock when serious bad (brush motor)

3. when charging the battery voltage up to 60V at night.


1. power locks contact insulators ceramic core (non-plastic or high temperature resistant insulating material)

2. the distance between two contacts more than four millimeters (prevent spark ionization)

Chargers fire, due to the everyday use of the charger, and individual users vehicles carrying, causing charger wiring short circuit or virtual connection. Virtual connection of the charger electrical components and aging. User articles cover charger or Charger fan is broken. On hot days in summer, surface charge (rain or dew), and low night power peak (high voltage above 250V) is likely to result in the charger on fire. We should apply the correct charging methods, and then select high quality charger. Of course, in some cases, user's own non-factory replacement poor quality charger may cause fire.