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Electric Fire Accidents In The Summer Do This 12 Point Can Effectively Prevent Fire Accident! Jul 18, 2016

1: when you buy a vehicle, check device depends on the brand, see if there are any production licenses, and check that the electric car is under voltage, over current protection and short circuit protection;

2: buy high quality batteries, like Xu battery.

3: battery installation the connection cable should be used to meet the actual requirements, vehicle mounted after good reliability check the cables connected to the terminals, after making sure that reliable connection should be plastic glass on the positive and negative terminals of the battery, to prevent "loose" and accidents;

4: use the vehicle, checking often to ground maintenance during the repair process, to select a professional repair body or person, it may not remove the electrical protection device, charger failure, should go to the professional store testing, if you need to replace, should choose brand charger with the battery adapter;

5: vehicle charging, charging outdoors as much as possible, or remove the batteries separate charging, charging circuit to select a suitable wire diameter, line laying fixed installation, installation of short circuit and electric leakage protection device, in strict accordance with the provisions of the manual charging, put an end to long time to recharge.

6: modification for the electric bike charging line, in terms of materials, to select a regular factory production of insulated wire, preferably not less than 2.5 mm in diameter copper wire, aluminum wire is also short lived, load is relatively small, easy to fuse caused the fire;

7: If the community no place to charge electric bicycles, from the House balcony or window pull the wires downstairs to charge electric bicycles. In this regard, the PVC pipe or flame retardant materials should be used for protection, power cable through from these cases, and fixed on the wall. Meanwhile, installed with leakage protection switch;

8: wiring, do not install gas network on a power line, line channel ventilation should be maintained, not mixed with the debris piled up. In addition, to maintain the electric Bike Park sanitation and infested with rats and cockroaches, likely to cause power lines were snapped and the occurrence of electricity leakage;

9: while installing lines unit of professional and technical personnel, or to find a professional, pay attention to whether they hold an electrician's license, so that is not properly installed or is not life-threatening norms;

10: when charging should as far as possible outdoors, prohibited in public staircases, populated place, exit, emergency evacuation routes, evacuation necessary exit charge, no combustibles around. Charging sites should be equipped with the necessary fire control facilities, reserved for fire exits. Conditional to do electric car parking-charge zone and separate personnel access to the secure channel, that is physically isolated, installing fire doors, 2 lamp luminaires for emergency lighting installed easily escape;

11: electric vehicles should be parked in a safe place, shall not be parked in the stairwells, evacuation routes and safety exits shall not occupy fire Lane, not to the Sun;

12: electric cars not wading, and waterproofing measure. Although electric cars usually have a certain degree of waterproofing measures, but after all, electric vehicles of simple structure, low cost, use of electric vehicles on a rainy day or in the process of moving water, water vapor permeability to electric cars, motor, wiring connector wet cause a short circuit and leakage