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Electric Car Charging Industry Chain Development Of Immature Jul 18, 2016

Despite the recent outbreak of electric vehicle sales and rapid development in the construction of electric vehicle charging, but other facilities construction remains weak and unbalanced development of the new energy industry chain, many electric vehicle facilities still comes from abroad, restricts the domestic parts of new energy development and the formation of upstream and downstream connections.

Power electric technology has conducted a comprehensive commercial development period in China, but battery cars in the subsidy policy, infrastructure, technology and so on, there are still many problems.

Through the popularization of new energy vehicles analyzed the result, 2013 forecast year application 39 cities in China (Group) 88 cities will count toward the promotion of new energy vehicles, 336,000 units. As of the second half of 2014, new energy vehicles in pilot cities to promote only about 10%. 1 this year to September, domestic new energy vehicles 136,733 vehicles were sold, an increase of 2.3 times. Pure electric vehicle sales to 87,531 vehicles, an increase of 2.7 times; plug-in electric hybrid vehicle sales of 49,202 vehicles, up 1.8 times. By 2014, China built electric vehicle charging only 37,000, and a lot of home charging is privately owned and does not have public charging, charging facilities construction, apparently failed to keep pace with the new energy automobile sales.

For people, buy electric cars main block is 2 points, is charging hard problem, and second, electric cars are not cheap. With the development of new energy technologies, electric cars will increase in price/performance, and development of electric vehicle charging from public service utilities gradually turned to domestic development, electric vehicle charging stations to gradually cover high-speed charging set km, more portable electric vehicle charging as a temporary emergency charging services, target every electric vehicle owners not to worry about recharging.

New energy vehicles in China mainly include plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles in two, in order to ensure that the charge is convenient, smooth travel, construction of new energy-related departments shall together total on infrastructure issues, establish the national grid coordinates with social capital into infrastructure construction and operation mechanism, providing new energy vehicle charging solutions.