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Electric Bicycle Controller Used To Control Sep 25, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Used to control

Electric bicycle controller is the electric car's brain, used to control the electric motor to start running the device, without his electric car will be in a state of paralysis, can not work properly. Electric car charger agent to introduce you, electric bicycle controller is divided into brush controller and brushless controller two different operating principle of different controllers, there are differences in the use of methods.

Electric car charger agent first introduced to you two different controllers, the controller is based on different motor manufacturing. Brush controller motor must be a brush motor, that is, the motor input current is DC, the controller only need to provide different sizes of current can speed, and simple design, easy to understand. The brushless controller control motor must be a brushless motor, in fact, is a three-phase AC motor, the controller converts the DC into three-phase AC power, through the sensor components in the motor commutation, never reached the normal operation of the motor the goal of. Complex design, high cost.

Electric bicycle controller agent stressed that the brushless controller is in the brush controller on the basis of the renovation to create out, than the brush charger long life, starting a strong power, maintenance-free. Electric car brushless controller is the most popular electric vehicle power source. When we buy electric cars we have to look at the circuit diagram in detail, there are two lines of the motor is a brush controller, eight lines must be a brushless controller.

Electric vehicle controller as the human brain used to command the electric car motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other activities of the device, is the core of the electric car device. Without it the electric car can not run normally. Electric bicycle controller agent told you: "To make the controller to better serve us to understand the controller. Electric bicycle controller is classified according to the structure, there are two.

First, separate electric bicycle controller

The main body of the controller and the display part are not together, respectively, installed in the electric car in two locations. The monitor is mounted on the handlebar, and the controller body is installed in the car box or in the motor case, hidden from the outside. The controller agent said that the benefits of this controller is to make the car look simple and generous.

Second, integrated electric bicycle controller

Also known as the overall, the control part and the display part is a whole, regardless of the home, put them in a special plastic box. And then installed in the electric car box, generally installed in the middle of the handlebar seat. The front of the box is transparent, there are waterproof film, you can display the speed, power and battery remaining power.