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Electric Bicycle Controller The Improvement Method May 24, 2017

   Electric Bicycle Controller Electric vehicle controller should take into account the actual use of the battery and the motor to be fully designed, should fully consider the battery, controller, motor relationship between the three, as a comprehensive system to design, so as to be more ideal Electric car controller. And should not be commercially available as long as there is stepless speed regulation, brake power, soft start ... ... and other functions of the electric car governor. For the actual use of electric bicycles, we brushless electric bicycle controller design has been improved, the addition of the following functions:

   First, the electric car controller has the output short circuit protection function

Electric Bicycle Controller The controller can achieve direct short-circuit protection at the output, even if the motor is at the highest speed operation (often the highest voltage at this time) direct short-circuit controller output, the controller can be very reliable protection. In the protection of the circuit automatically reduces the output current to protect the battery safety, this time the current is about 0.3A, and at any time to detect the output state, when the output troubleshooting, the controller can automatically return to normal control, with self-recovery function , So that the controller has a self-protection ability, improve the controller and the safety of the battery, but also improve the tolerance of the motor itself failure. For the actual use of electric bicycles, stall is one of the possible conditions, such as the controller can be a reliable protection on the output short circuit, then the motor stall conditions, the controller can also be protected, and protect the motor And the safety of the battery. If only the current limiting function of the controller, this will output a large current (such as current limiting 14A), which makes the battery (capacity of 12AH) in a high current discharge state (14A), will affect the battery life. In addition, the large current flowing through the motor winding, over time, will make the motor temperature rise, resulting in winding insulation aging, ranging from motor life, while burning the motor.

   Second, the use of double closed-loop control system

Electric Bicycle Controller The controller uses double closed-loop control system (brushless: speed / current double closed loop, brush: voltage / current double closed loop), due to the existence of current loop, you can achieve the current limit, that can protect the electric car in a variety of normal The maximum current output value will not exceed the set current limit value, to achieve automatic current limiting, so that in any operating conditions, the battery will not appear more than the set value of the current discharge process to ensure the safety of the battery. In addition, due to the role of double closed-loop, can make the motor to achieve the best start-up process and acceleration process, so that the battery current is effectively used, which can increase the mileage of electric bicycles. The commercial controller because it is a single closed-loop control system, and rely on MC33035 (MC33033) chip current limiting effect, so the start and acceleration often occurs when the controller current output to the current limit to protect the current state of operation.