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Electric Bicycle Controller Replacement Needs Attention Oct 25, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Replacement needs attention

Replacement of electric vehicle controller need to pay attention to what matters? Suggestions, in the electric vehicle controller repair process, if you need to replace the following matters should be noted:

Note 1: to ensure that the power supply is positive and negative must be connected properly, to avoid damage to the controller.

Note 2: find the controller and switch to connect the connector.

If the controller on the plug and the handle on the contact is not matched, in order to emergency can remove the plug, the line directly connected between the line, then do not be afraid of trouble, be sure to catch the streets. If the conditions permit, then the proposed soldering iron will be welded on the street firm, and then wrapped with insulating tape, to avoid the use of the process in the future left hidden dangers. Note 3: pay attention to the controller and the motor connection between the positive and negative

Maintenance, if the motor appears to reverse the situation, the motor is positive and negative upside down.

Note 4: As some of the controller turn the form of the outlet and the sensor outlet form, the connector are the same, so be sure to distinguish between the two correct.

Note 5: the controller output power and motor power to match the same

Electric vehicle controller repair, if you can not find a matching controller, rather use the controller output power is greater than the motor power controller, can not use the controller output power is less than the motor power controller. Remember, would rather "big horse car, not a small horse cart."

Electric car controller widely used, mainly used in electric bicycles, electric two motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric three motorcycles, electric four-wheelers, battery cars and other electric vehicles, with ultra-quiet design technology, constant current control technology, Motor lock system, self-test function, anti-charging function, stall protection function, dynamic and static phase protection, power tube dynamic protection, anti-speed function, 1 + 1 power function, mode switching function, burglar alarm function, Remote control, high-speed control and other functional features to ensure the safety of electric vehicles to extend the life of the motor.

Professional electric vehicle controller manufacturing, research and development manufacturers, is a three-and four-wheel car sedan controller development and production of sales-oriented national high-tech enterprises, product quality and reliable, affordable, exported to South Korea, India, Turkey, the Philippines , Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, more than 40 countries and regions. Controller refers to the control of the motor speed inside the electric car inside the important components, but also the core part of the electric car electric system, the main control motor speed, electric vehicle energy management system and a variety of core components of signal processing. In the electric car industry also requires the controller has a brake power, undervoltage protection, undervoltage recovery set over-current protection and other corresponding series of protection functions.

The electric vehicle controller can also be divided into a brushless controller and a brush controller. Brushless controller relies on electronic commutation, the complexity of the circuit is also much higher than the brush controller, so its manufacturing costs and process is much higher than the brush controller.

Brush controller detection method:

(1) Disconnect the power supply with diode check

A red pen connected to the controller power input positive, black pen then negative, charging phenomenon is normal, short circuit is damaged.

B red pen connected to the controller power input negative, black pen then red, yellow, green, short circuit is damaged.