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Electric Bicycle Controller Power Off Brake Function Aug 23, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Power off brake function

The basic function of electric vehicle controller

Electric motor start, run, acceleration, deceleration and stop the working state are controlled by the controller. Therefore, the controller is similar to the human "brain" is the core of the electric car parts, its performance and quality of the overall performance of the electric car determines the merits of the overall performance.

Whether brush controller or brushless controller, there must be to ensure that the electric car driving and working the main function.

1. Speed control function

       When you turn the governor, you can change the output voltage of the Hall sensor or viewpoint sensor so that you can realize the stepless speed regulation of the electric vehicle as needed.

2. Power brake function

       In the electric car handlebar on the two clamp brake handle are equipped with contact switch (mechanical or electronic). When the electric brake is brakes, the switch is pushed closed or disconnected to change the original switch state. (Or low) level signal is sent to the control circuit, the circuit according to the preset program issued instructions; immediately cut off the function switch tube gate (or base) drive current, the power tube cut off, stop the motor Power supply, to achieve the first power after the brakes.

3. Undervoltage protection function

       In order to ensure that the battery is fully charged, discharged and extended battery life, in the load state first, when the battery reaches the final stage of discharge, the battery voltage close to the "discharge termination voltage", the controller panel (or instrument panel) that is insufficient, Walker attention should be polarized to continue the formation. When the battery voltage reaches the "discharge termination voltage" (24V battery is 21V, 36V battery is 31.5V, 48V battery is 41V), the voltage sampling resistor separates the information into the comparator, the undervoltage protection current is issued according to the pre-set procedure Instruction, so that the motor power does not work, to achieve the electronic devices and power (battery) protection.

4. Overcurrent protection function

       When a reason causes a series of components flowing through a DC electric vehicle or circuit over a certain value, the current will cause damage, or even burn, which is absolutely to avoid. In the controller circuit, should have this over-current protection function, that is, when over-current, after a certain delay after the power cut off.