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Electric Bicycle Controller Overcurrent Protection Nov 06, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Overcurrent protection

Electric bike controller is used to control the electric car motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic components of the electric car core control device, it is like the brain of electric cars, electric cars is an important component. Electric cars currently include electric bicycles, electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric tricycles, electric four-wheeled vehicles, battery cars, electric bike controller because of different models and have different performance and features Here's a brief introduction to the basics of the electric bike controller.

1, what is the controller?

A: The controller is to control the motor speed components, but also the electric vehicle electric system and the core, with undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection, intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and auto parts self-test function, The controller is the core component of EV energy management and various signal processing.

2, brushless controller and brush controller What is the difference?

A: The brushless controller relies on electronic commutation so the control method is much more difficult than the brush controller, the complexity of the circuit is much higher than the brush controller, its manufacturing cost and technology is much higher than the brush control Device.

3, the controller in the electric car which role?

A: The main control motor speed, both a variety of protection features, such as undervoltage protection, current limiting protection, brake power off, quality protection and other protection features.

4, electric car company ordinary brushless controller can be equipped with what kind of header?

A: Some ordinary brushless controller has pulse speed display head and mechanical voltage speed display header two kinds of output mode circuit to the circuit board, that is now on the market several types of speedometer are To be compatible. According to the needs of users with a variety of header, the maximum extent to meet the needs of users!

5, the controller motor cable and power cord which two are connected?

A: The motor positive line and the positive line of the power line connected, in fact, is a line.

6, what is the current limiting protection of the controller?

A: The current limiting protection (or overcurrent protection) circuit limits the maximum current output by the controller to protect the battery, controller and motor and other large current range to prevent excessive current damage to the device .

7, the current limit of the controller test what methods?

A: Remove the brake power-off function, to maintain the mechanical brake function and then the ammeter set 20A DC current profile, unplug the controller's positive line, the ammeter red and black test leads in series between the battery positive and controller positive, in normal operation To slow down the motor at the highest speed, there will be a maximum current value, you can measure the current limit value.