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Electric Bicycle Controller Electric Car Controller Is Divided Into Jul 25, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Electric car controller is divided into

Electric car controller is the electric car's brain, used to control the electric motor to start running the device, without his electric car will be in a state of paralysis, can not work properly. Electric car charger agent to introduce you, electric car controller is divided into brush controller and brushless controller two different operating principle of different controllers, there are differences in the use of methods.

Electric car charger agent first introduced to you two different controllers, the controller is based on the different motor manufacturing. Brush controller motor must be a brush motor, that is, the motor input current is DC, the controller only need to provide different sizes of current can speed, and simple design, easy to understand. The brushless controller control motor must be a brushless motor, in fact, is a three-phase AC motor, the controller converts the DC into three-phase AC power, through the sensor components in the motor commutation, never reached the normal operation of the motor the goal of. Complex design, high cost.

Electric car controller agent stressed that the brushless controller is a brush controller on the basis of the transformation made by the update, than the brush charger long life, starting a strong power, maintenance-free. Electric car brushless controller is currently the most popular electric vehicle power source. When we buy electric cars we have to look at the circuit diagram in detail, there are two lines of the motor is a brush controller, eight lines must be a brushless controller. First, the electric car charger to do a common fault is the fuse tube fuse, so that the charger short circuit

This is due to voltage instability or the use of time is too long caused. Electric car charger agent to tell you the most simple way to check is: smell a smell, take a look. Smell is smell whether there is burning the taste, look at the appearance of the circuit board is to see if there is damage. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the power input, if the resistance is less than 20OkΩ, indicating a short circuit.

Second, there is no output voltage or output voltage is unstable

If there is no output voltage or output voltage is not stable, it is necessary to consider whether there is a problem with high frequency pulse transformer. Check the method with a multimeter to measure the high-frequency pulse transformer components, output, diode and low-voltage filter capacitor voltage.

Third, the fuse is intact, but no output voltage

The general situation is the charger control chip UC3842 there is a problem. Check the method: power measurement UC3842 voltage, if the feet have different voltage, indicating that the control chip UC3842 intact, otherwise damaged.

Electric car charger agent to remind you that the best charger to get the repair department to repair, do not unauthorized removal. So as to avoid unnecessary waste, or personal safety.