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Electric Bicycle Controller Detection Method Aug 31, 2017

Electric Bicycle Controller Detection method

The principle and maintenance method of the controller

Controller refers to the control of the motor speed inside the electric car inside the important components, but also the core part of the electric car electric system, the main control of the motor speed, electric vehicle energy management system and a variety of signal processing core components. In the electric car industry also requires the controller has a brake power, undervoltage protection, undervoltage recovery set over current protection and other corresponding series of protection functions.

The electric vehicle controller can also be divided into a brushless controller and a brush controller. Brushless controller relies on electronic commutation, the complexity of the circuit is much higher than the brush controller, so its manufacturing costs and process is much higher than the brush controller.

     Brush controller detection method:

(1) Disconnect the power supply with diode check

A red table pen connected to the controller power input positive, black pen then negative, charging phenomenon is normal, short circuit is damaged.

B red pen connected to the controller power input negative, black pen then red, yellow, green, short circuit is damaged.

C red pen connected to the controller power input negative, black pen connected to the motor negative should have 400-700 parameters.

D red table pen connected to the motor negative, black pen connected to the controller positive, should have 100-300 parameters.

E turn red, black, green, should not have short-circuit phenomenon.

(2) power measurement

F Detects whether the controller inputs the positive and negative voltages for voltages above 36V and 48V.

G detects whether the power supply has a voltage of 5V or more.

H turn the handle, the detection voltage is between 0.8V-4.2V change.

I turn the handle to detect the voltage output.

(3) Short-circuit brake The power cord controller should stop output

Brushless controller detection method:

First, power failure detection

1, detect the controller power input positive and negative are short circuit

2, the detection controller winding wire parameters:

A with a black pen to connect the power positive, with a red pen, respectively, touch yellow, green and blue around the resistance line, the parameters between 400-700

B repeat the steps of 2

3, Hall signal line detection: black pen with a black line, red pen then red, yellow, green, blue four lines, there should be no short circuit failure