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Discussion On How To Accelerate The Loss Of Electric Car Batteries? Jul 18, 2016

Battery loss inevitable

Most batteries using lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery charging and discharging process is an electrochemical reaction processes, when the concentration of electrolyte in the battery lead sulfate or static when idle time is too long, is extremely vulnerable to sulfation, which makes battery capacity decrease, until it cannot be used.

As long as the lead-acid battery, using sulfation are produced in the process, but to slow down occurrence of sulphide, it is necessary to form a good habit of charging and focus on day-to-day maintenance.

Use environment improper loss

Depletion of the battery itself is, after all, chronic, or use on electric car battery ran down most environments, the use of improper means.

Four-point loss in the improper operation of the battery.

1, after the discharge does not recharge

For commuting, electric vehicle charging and discharging are completely separate, sometimes does not recharge after full discharge current, but typically, after the formation of lead sulphate of lead-acid batteries discharge if you are not charging for a long time, will gradually become crystalline sulfide, cells produce irreparable damage.

2, charging and discharging frequency

Electric car as a convenient way of people daily, one of the frequent charge and discharge are common, some people may be filled several times a day, each time charging time is very short, without using, and prolonged State of insufficient battery capacity battery can more easily be declined.

3, high discharge current

Battery working normally in the course of the current release is constant, but according to work needs batteries release the current depth is not the same. Battery discharges under normal circumstances has a maximum discharge current value. Exceeds this value is the result of batteries has a great deal of damage. Electric start, climbing, weight and so on are all large current discharge the battery can easily occur.

4, short time charging

In the street, often see simple electric vehicle charging station, invest money short time can fully charge. As soon as possible in order to reduce the charging time, you must use high voltage, voltage or current is too large will result in battery consumption.