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What are maintenance-free battery quality problems caused? Jul 18, 2016

Caused maintenance-free battery battery quality for a number of reasons, such as overcharging, the battery itself causes (such as breaks), water (maintenance-free water?) Or using improper (long time discharge), here on not more for explained. following on you proposed of several items index be explained, especially rarely concern of CCA, magic eye that is battery state indicator, General green for power sufficient, black for power insufficient, needed for added charging, grey or light yellow for electrolytic liquid insufficient, using electrolytic liquid share principle, stable of indicates battery power state. Provides temperature compensation, guaranteed can accurately indicate at any temperature. Show low electrolyte status, reduces open circuit detection of battery required, thus saving time. Magic eye of work principle: battery state indicator using of is red, and green (blue) color of different density color ball, it of density numerical corresponds to battery electrolytic liquid of critical density value of Shang, and Xia regional has different of sank, and floating State, this a State through explicit color Rod refraction zoom Hou, displayed out different color of ring graphics, can discriminant battery of load electric State. Battery electrolyte density thresholds, and refers to the battery work, electrolyte density falls below a value, the battery's charged down to is not working properly, you need to charge, the density of the electrolyte as critical values, the critical value for different manufacturers of batteries will be slightly different. Battery status indicator also shows battery electrolyte loss, it filled with spongy lead lead sheet as cathode, filled with lead dioxide in lead sheet as cathode and 22~28% dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte.