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Relative to the fuel tour bus, sightseeing vehicle advantage Jul 18, 2016

Relative to the fuel tour bus, electric sightseeing cars with in-car power supply for power, motor-driven wheels, designed for large tourist attractions, parks, amusement parks, gated community, campus, Garden Hotels, resorts, villas and cities pedestrian streets, ports, such as the regional development of self-driving tour, patrol, transport-specific environment-friendly electric passenger car.

Electric sightseeing cars fuel-free tourist vehicle emissions from work, no exhaust pollution, environmental protection and clean air is very useful, is almost "zero pollution". It is well known that fuel in car exhaust CO, HC and NOX, particulates, ozone and other pollutants forming acid rain acid fog and smog.

Electric sightseeing cars without fuel car noise, the noise of the motor fuel small. Noise on the hearing, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive system, endocrine system and immune system are also dangerous.