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How to buy electric cars Jul 18, 2016

Consumers select cars

So, for the consumer, in the case of cow market is flooded with low-quality electric car, how to choose a quality, safe car? Excellent company reminds consumers that purchase electric vehicles to proceed from the following.

A look at style. EV drive mode there are 3 main types: one-wheel-drive, one is mounted in drive, there is a suspended driver. Electric cars on the market mainly driven by wheels, and wheel drive wheel drive after as well, front-wheel-drive performance is relatively poor. In addition, the car from the vehicle balance and convenience, battery placed in the position of the frame tube or pipe as well, battery basic configuration is inexpensive lead-acid batteries.

Second look branded. Consumers in the purchase, make sure to choose testing by the authority, quality and proven reliability, return rate as low, high service and good reputation of the brand.

Third, key site to purchase. According to the actual need and like me, choosing the right size, style and color. Choose the appearance quality of the vehicle, mainly trademark, decals are intact, painting, electroplating, plastic parts, satisfied with the surface quality of aluminum alloy parts. Check vehicles Assembly quality of bad, including various screws tight solid in place, no loose; handlebar, and wheels, and chain, and crank, and feet pedal should running flexible, rims should are speed, round beat volume smaller; handlebar, and saddle seat, and mud Board, and hanger, and bracket to loaded are or around symmetric, cannot has obviously of oblique; movement parts (as chain, and wheels,) and not moving parts (as chain cover, and mud Board,) cannot has touch wipe; switch key and battery lock to trial about, to security reliable, and using convenient suitable. Electric lock, and battery lock, and Toolbox lock should General a put key most convenient; open switch, turned speed put hand, check no level speed and brake (brake) power and brake effect, and check motor running whether smooth, voice whether normal; multifunctional and luxury electric bike also to check about all of function whether intact normal; last to will charger, and certificate, and manual, and guarantees card, even up assemble, and properly save. Now two ways of repairing battery, is a physical method is generally through the pulse break the sulfide, called Nobu or repair device, such as a name, nurse your batteries also fall into this category; the other is a chemical method, is by chemical melting sulfur.