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High pressure washing vehicle operation points for attention Jul 18, 2016

Demand for water

When high pressure washing vehicle use of rivers, ponds as water, note that all suction pipe end into the water. To avoid inhalation of large stones or sand, floating debris, and generally includes suction pipe end filter, water filtration devices is strictly prohibited when removed. If the water is shallow, requires water to dig deeper, to ensure that no debris and not into the air.

Add water

Before each of centrifugal water pump suction must be added with a certain volume of water to the pump, adds must be turned off after adding water. Self priming water pump when used for the first time, you need to add water, you do not need to add water again later.

Inlet pipe will need to vacuum

Water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum, pumping water in tank. Water systems must be reliable, hoses should not be damaged, hard tube cannot crack or leakage, also caused no water absorption.

Parking gear

High pressure washing vehicle whether it is in front of the water, or in operations, power take off unit gear has to be at the Park.

Winter water

Before the arrival of winter, water pumps and pipes in the water should be emptied to prevent cracking. North China winter construction no longer, therefore, upon completion of the construction, the water emptying pumps and pipes immediately, in case of trouble.

Periodic blowdown

High pressure washing vehicle storage tank has a drain pipe, it tube imports as the bottom of the water tank. After a period of use, you should periodically open the drain pipe switch, the exclusion of accumulated debris in tank until the water becomes clear.