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Five tips to extend the life of batteries Jul 18, 2016

1, electric car charger original.

Electric car maker is equipped with a charger usually has individual design requirement, should be used when the special charger. Due to different cell formula and process, technical requirements are not the same for the Chargers, which charger charge a brand of battery can be fully charged, are not the same, so do not mix the charger. If the long mileage requirements, must be charged with more than one battery in different places, you should be ready for more full of batteries.

2, electric car chargers for the right protection.

General specification of the above relating to the protection of the charger's instructions (for example, see product specifications). Many users do not have the habit of reading the instructions, often in addition to later remembered looking for manuals, often too late, so read the instruction is very necessary. In addition, the Chargers do not put the electric bike in the trunk and basket. Under special circumstances, have to move, the charger will be packed with foam to prevent vibration bumpy. Many Chargers after vibration, its internal potentiometer will drift, making the whole parameter drifts, causes an abnormal state of charge.

3, electric vehicle charging correctly.

Electric vehicles need to keep the charger's ventilation when charging, otherwise not only affect the life of charger and thermal drift may occur and affect the charging status. On the formation of cell injury. Therefore, to ensure that charge when the environment is also very important. In the State of charge of the batteries do not have full, so that the battery light cycle, extending the life span of the battery. Some early users seem to think is best used after the recharge the battery, this view is wrong, the memory benefits of lead-acid battery is not so strong. Often after the larger impact on the battery life. Most of the Chargers after the led lights indicate full charge, battery charged battery may be 97%~99%. Only power due to the charging 1%~3%, to continue the ability is almost negligible, but also formed the less charge accumulation, so after the battery is fully charged the light as possible to continue to float, to inhibit cell curing is good.

4, electric cars charged in a timely manner.

Electric cars after driving out to recharge the battery discharge begins after the curing process, in 12 hours, there have been significant sulfide. Recharge, you can clear the sulfide is not serious, if not charging, which gradually formed coarse crystalline sulphide crystals will accumulate, General charger for these large crystals are powerless, would gradually drop in battery capacity and shorten the service life of the battery. Therefore, in addition to charging a day outside, and would also like to note that used up as soon as possible after the charge battery as possible in full State.

5, to develop the good habit of saving.

At the time of driving electric cars glide as far as possible. Downhill when the power sliding speed in advance as much as possible. In the upcoming traffic lights ahead into the slide, minimize braking. Check tire pressure, summer may be appropriate to lower other high season, tire pressure, high power.