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Electric Vehicle Controller function(2) Feb 09, 2018

Motor lock System: In the state of alert, the controller will automatically lock the motor, the controller has almost no power consumption, no special requirements for the motor, in the battery under pressure or other unusual circumstances on the normal implementation of electric vehicles without any impact.

Self-test function: Dynamic self-test and Static self-test, as long as the controller is on the power state, it will automatically detect the relevant interface state, such as turning, lever or other external switches, and so on, once the fault, the Controller automatically implement protection, fully ensure the safety of riding, when troubleshooting the controller's protection status will be automatically restored.

Anti-charging function: The energy generated by the eabs will be fed back to the battery when braking, deceleration or downhill, so that the battery can be maintained, the battery life is extended, and the continuous mileage can be increased.

Blocking protection function: Automatically determine whether the motor in the overcurrent is in a completely blocked state or in the running State or motor short-circuit state, if the overcurrent is in a running state, the controller sets the current limit value to the fixed value in order to maintain the driving capacity of the vehicle; if the motor is in a pure blocking state, then the Controller will control the current limiting value below 10A in 2 seconds, To protect the motor and battery, save energy, such as motor in short circuit state, the controller so that the output current control under 2A, to ensure that the controller and battery safety.

Static and dynamic lack of phase protection: refers to the motor running state, the motor vehicles in any phase of the fault, the controller to protect, to avoid causing motor burn, while protecting the electric car batteries, prolong battery life.

Power Tube Dynamic Protection function: The controller in the dynamic operation, real-time monitoring power tube work, once the power tube damage, the controller immediately implement protection to prevent the chain reaction damage to other power tube, the phenomenon of the cart more laborious.

Anti-rook function: To solve the brushless electric vehicle controller due to the switch or line fault caused by the phenomenon of speed, improve the security of the system.

1+1 Power Function: Users can adjust their own to use the help or reverse help, to achieve in the riding in the auxiliary to the momentum, so that riders feel more relaxed.

Cruise function: Automatic/manual cruise function integration, users can choose according to their own needs, 8 seconds into the cruise, steady speed, no handle control. Mode switching function: The user can switch the electric mode or the power-assisted mode.