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Electric vehicle battery maintenance 8 tips Jul 18, 2016

1, keep the battery's State of full day riding an electric bicycle, 10-50km, charging should be added, so that the battery in the "full State", and filled the same day, used the idle a few days and then filled and prone to plate curing, the volume drops.

Regular deep discharging 2,: it is recommended that you use two months after a deep discharge, namely, long distance riding until the pressure indicator light flashes, battery runs out, and then restore battery capacity charging, and also gives you an idea of the level of current of the battery capacity, if you need to maintain protection.

3, against lack of electricity storage: batteries store (that is not fully charged) will seriously affect the life, if idle time, the longer the battery damaged more severely.

4, and regularly test: If you buy of new car continued line mileage for 50km, March within appeared continued line serious reduced, as more than 10 km, at available multimeter check battery outside terminals of voltage value, General full electric should for 39-42V, if less several v, or open battery box which a battery voltage below 10.5V, may is internal table short-circuit, at should find maintenance station repair replaced, so as not to damaged addition two block good battery. Should also check the charger failure.

5, the design load for electric bicycle is 75kg, so avoid heavy objects with pedals on and start going up the Hill to help. Because the motor current increases, the battery discharges too quickly, voltage is in rapid decline. Depth of discharge of the battery every time you use the smaller the longer the service life of the capacitor. So reduce the large current discharge, you can extend battery life, increase line mileage. No matter how large-capacity battery pack battery, user should develop ad-filled good habits.

6, battery capacity drops as temperatures in the winter this is a normal phenomenon, at 20 ° c as standard, General capacity of 80%-10 ℃.

7, keep battery surface clean, parking to prevent exposure, cars should be placed in a cool, dry place.

8, lead-acid batteries used for electric bikes the length of user's daily maintenance that has a lot to do, in General, pay attention to the following points:

(1) the battery every time you use smaller depth of discharge (less distance), longer battery life, usually should form good habits to ad-filled, use batteries to keep the foot condition.

(2) the charges should be based on mileage length of time different mileage, the longer the charge time is longer, while short, control 4-12 hour charging time may not be charging for a long time.

(3) battery is placed must be adequate power for a long time, generally every supplement once a month.

(4) high current discharge the battery has some damage, so in the beginning, uphill, weight, wind with a foot pedal to power.

(5) charged with supporting the Chargers, is placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoiding high temperature and humidity, do not allow water to enter the charger to prevent electric shock accidents