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Electric powered a dining basic composition Jul 18, 2016

Electric powered restaurant consists of three main components: electrical systems, chassis, body.

Three core parts: battery, motor, and electric control.

Electrical system

Electrical system: by function into two systems:

(1) power systems-batteries, motors, and so on.

(2) the control and auxiliary systems-electronic control, accelerator, switch, cable, charger, etc.

Battery is still dominated by lead-acid batteries, cars or due to customer requirements can be mounted lithium-ion battery or iron-ion batteries, but its relatively more expensive.

Use DC series excitation motor power motor, DC-excited motors, brushless motors, switched reluctance motor, AC motor, DC series excitation motors and separately excited DC motor due to cheap, superior performance characteristics are widely used in electric vehicles.


Chassis systems by function is divided into four:

(1) transmission-clutch, gearbox, cardan shaft device, drive axle final drive, differential and axle and so on;

(2) running gear-up tie and hosting roles. Includes frame, axles, wheels and suspension and so on;

(3) the steering system-including the steering wheel, steering and transmission linkage;

(4) the braking system-used to control the speed and parking. Including brakes and brake control device.


Body is divided into the front and car part two

Car is to take the driver's location, General driving and passenger ride two people.

Cars are modified according to customer demand, including compartment configurations, materials, space design, and so on