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Classification of UPS batteries and the advantages and disadvantages Jul 18, 2016

1, open lead acid UPS battery

Advantages: less investment, long life maintenance-free battery, low temperature requirements.

Cons: maintenance complex, and required specialized batteries, corrosive gas, must be charged 50-90 hours, need special maintenance.

2, maintenance-free UPS battery

Advantages: no need to add liquid, such as maintenance, transport is in full charge State, and does not need special maintenance.

Disadvantages: not restorative charge can damage the battery in time, more sensitive to temperature, life is short, expensive than lead-acid batteries.

3, NI-CR-UPS batteries

Advantages: low maintenance requirements, longer life expectancy, not sensitive to temperature, no harmful gas emissions.

Cons: three batteries in the most expensive.

Computer Center most of the selection of maintenance-free UPS battery, maintenance more convenient, but also need to undertake the following tasks:

1, every 3-4 months to discharge to prevent oxidation plate.

2, the ambient temperature should be maintained at 20-25.

3, connection is not too tight or too loose, need to be checked often.

4, the use of required three years after check in time replace the UPS batteries.