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Battery repair battery knowledge Jul 18, 2016

A the battery

In a range of sizes and shapes, use batteries of different families, one can only be used to discharge and after discharge does not charge to use the method to obtain recovery of batteries, we call it a battery, also known as primary cells. That is, the kind of throwaway batteries such as dry-cell batteries.

B battery

There is also a battery while charging electrical energy into chemical energy, discharge converts chemical energy into electrical energy, which ended after electric charging method can be used to receive restitution and be able to use the battery again, and called it the second time we have batteries, that is, you can repeatedly charge-discharge-charge-discharge batteries, people used to called the rechargeable battery or battery.

C lead-acid battery

A member of the family of lead-acid battery is a battery, it is characterized by dilute sulfuric acid liquid electrolyte, with lead dioxide and lead velvet respectively as the battery's anode and cathode, positive and negative pole clamp insulation and partitions can be smoothly through the electrolyte. Discharge process, the positive and negative electrodes into lead sulfate, acid in the electrolyte concentration; during charging, back into lead dioxide positive electrode, anode revert to the down-lead and acid in the electrolyte concentration. Development of the lead-acid battery has more than 130-year history, because of its reliable performance, mature production technology, higher cost, larger capacity, is the world's largest, most used, most widely used batteries.